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Fatigue – What you need to do to manage this performance killer

Fatigue is a recognised hazard in the heavy industry and obligations exist under the general and mining specific legislation to control fatigue risks. Dr Trent Watson discusses his 18+ years of experience working with industry members, the challenges, and the current best practice fatigue risk management methods being used across the industry.

This webinar features a presentation on the context of fatigue on site, followed by a Q&A type approach whereby Peter Standish will run through a suite of questions.

To help members with their demonstration of Associated Non-Technical Skills learning requirements, the presentation and questions will be structured to address key competency requirements of the national competency TLIF3063 - Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies.

Dr. Trent Watson
Trent specialises in supporting organisations ensure their work-force get home as healthy and safe as they arrived, with special interest in obesity management and fatigue. Trent combines this work with several board appoint-ments on regional health organi-sations, along with a number of other appointments such as Con-joint Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences University of Newcastle and media spokesper-son with the Dietitians Association of Australia.
Qualifications: PhD, BHSc (N&D), Dip WHS, Cert IV TAE

Dr Peter Standish
Peter has many years of experience working in and consulting to industry on the identification, control and management of risk pathways. He has worked on major projects and investigation of significant losses. There are some techniques that work – and others that consume a lot of decision maker time and effort without producing much in the way of rewards. Peter has spent time identifying and implementing the best of these techniques to continually provide tools that help organisations identify their risk pathways – what causes losses and how to prevent them.

Trent Watson

CEO & Principal Fatigue Consultant, Ethos Health

Peter Standish

Principal Consultant and Director, Operational Risk Mentoring


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