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Roadmaps to Geometallurgical Success

This webinar is aimed at Exploration Geologists, Operational Geologists, Mine Planners, Mining Engineers, Process Engineers and managers of teams in which the above professions need to work together.
Too often the concept of geometallurgy, and how it adds value, is poorly defined. As a result the approaches taken are highly variable in terms of method and effectiveness. This webinar aims to assist those contemplating or simply curious about Geomet programs by:
 Outlining the Geomet problem (ore variability, production planning)
 Outlining the value case for Geomet (better design, better operation, better communication)
 Outlining roadmaps to implementation (Geology → Met Testing → Data Relationships → Useful Predictions → Block Model → Implementation → Optimisation)
Participants should understand the basics of justifying expenditure on a Geomet program, appreciate the scale of the task and understand the concepts that underpin the implementation of an effective program