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Drones - From Exploration to Rehabilitation

The emergence of drone technology is not actually about the drone itself – it is about what they carry and how you analyse the information they capture. This webinar look at smart approaches to data analysis and different sensors that can be leveraged alongside drone technology (aeromagnetic, gravity, hyperspectral imaging, etc.).

We will touch on the now and the near future. With just a little bit of work, this disruptive influence will become a whole lot of fun!
• How do we turn models into useful data?
• How do we make geology maps and extract environmental information quickly?
• How do we use them for accurate change detection, to monitor slope stability or the degradation of haulage roads?
• Can we process the data and analyse it in real-time?
• What other sensors can we mount on drones, and how should we be using them in ways we have never been able to achieve before?

Steven is directing the establishment of facilities that combine drones, advanced sensors (hyperspec, LiDAR, mag, grav etc) and deep learning. Innovations under development include mag surveys by swarms and autonomous drones that fly underground, provide real-time maps and serve mine geology, production and ground-control all in one.
Steven’s background is in geoscience, particularly exploration, and has worked across four continents mostly in the gold, silver and base metal commodities. He previously held positions at the Australian National University, University of Tasmania (CODES), and University of Western Australia (CET), and was recipient of the Rising Stars Award and the Hammond-Nisbet Endowed Fellowship.

Steven Micklethwaite

Associate Professor, School of Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Monash University


Technology and Digital Geoscience